My name is Dan, and I love movies.  

I go to about 150 a year at the movie theater and own lots of them on blu-ray, DVD, VHS and laser disc at home.  I have loved them since I was a kid of six and my dad took me to see HOW THE WEST WAS WON.  It was a life-changing experience for me and I wanted to see it again that same day (and that was a loooong movie).  

Movies are my favorite form of storytelling.

I also run an entertainment marketing company in Nashville, TN called PROPELLER.  After watching several of the theatrical releases our company marketed not perform as well as we all hoped, I knew a NEW tool needed to be created that would both predict outcomes and measure results of any and all marketing efforts.  It broke my heart to see good movies not find their audience.  And it broke somebody's bank account as well.  Bad news for everyone who loves movies.  

Something had to be done.  No way was I going to sit around on Friday afternoon WONDERING if someone was going to show up at the movie theater or not after we'd spent lots of time, energy and money trying to get them to do so.  I wanted to know what would happen.  I wanted to be sure.  No box office surprises.  For better or worse, we needed a tool that would tell us just how good or bad it was going to be on opening weekend.  And in our business, the only thing that matters is opening weekend.

I also discovered in the process of marketing these independent films that film goers are very obsessive about the movies they love.  Many of the fans of these films wanted to be empowered to pitch in and help in getting the word out.  They wanted to participate.  Some fans said they would be willing to buy movie tickets at theaters far, far away from them if it would help the cause.  This was eye-opening to say the least.  You mean a guy in Minnesota was willing to buy tickets to a theater in Los Angeles and give them away free to any and all takers to support his movie?  Whoa.

The idea for Seatzy™ took shape in my mind and I called my buddies Bob Hutchins and Jim McCaslin at BUZZPLANT who agreed the idea had merit.  The guys at PROPELLER were stoked too.  We all knew we needed this.  Films that were coming out and failing at the exact same time as we were fleshing out the idea proved that we needed this to happen sooner rather than later.  These were solid films looking for audiences, and all kinds of money was being spent for not enough return.  

So here it is, and here you are.  

The site is in beta and we have bootstrapped this with our own sweat and minimal capital because we need Seatzy™ ASAP.  Both PROPELLER and BUZZPLANT are working dozens of films now and Seatzy™ will help us all do our jobs better, ensuring that investors, producers, exhibitors, distributors AND movie goers will not be disappointed in our efforts to fill up theaters with movies audiences want to see.  And we will be working hard to get you the social media tools you need to tell all your friends about the films you love coming soon to a movie theater near you.

So what is Seatzy™?

Seatzy™ is first and foremost a platform for movie goers that will allow all of us to participate in the process of supporting the films we love by...

  • Reserving tickets in advance so producers will know when and where to open a film (and where not to open it)
  • Reserving tickets for friends who live somewhere else
  • Starting a social media campaign to bring the movie to your city or any other city of your choice
  • Donating tickets or to the cause behind the movie if you feel so inclined

It's not rocket science really.  We believe that we cannot trust a person is going to attend our movie on opening weekend until they lay down their cash to do so.  A verbal commitment just doesn't cut it.  A thousand things come up and get in the way.  Best intentions are not bankable.  So, Seatzy™ measures just how willing someone is to put a little real equity into the process.  You want to see this movie play near you?  Then reserve a seat, and you will only get charged if the theater fills up and the movie plays.  Everybody wins.

  • Studios, distributors and exhibitors will no longer open a film to empty theaters.
  • Investors and producers will no longer pay to open a movie to empty theaters.
  • Movie goers will go to the theater and see the movies they want to see when and where they want to see them.

That's our hope anyway.  

We want you to help us get this right and are willing to reward you for doing so.  To know more about that, click here and learn about Seatzy™ REWARDS.

Meanwhile, thanks for listening and I hope to see you watching a Seatzy™ SELECT film in a packed movie theater soon.

If you have a question about any of this, click here and we will get back to you as quick as we can.

- Dan
A moviegoer