Return to the Hiding Place

  • 9/19/2014

    Wide Release Date

  • 3,264

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In Holland during WWII, Corrie ten Boom’s army of untrained teenagers including Hans Poley, Piet Hartog, and their friends navigate a deadly labyrinth of challenges to rescue the Jewish people in their panicked exodus from death.

All the while, they embark on a nonstop, action-packed hunt with the Underground involving Gestapo hijacks, daring rescues, codes in windswept old windmills, and stunning miracles in one of history’s most famous dramas. Climaxing in the true, breath-taking rescue of an entire orphanage of Jewish children marked for mass execution by Hitler’s assassins, audiences will both cheer and weep at this exciting, sobering true tale of Hans and the youth resistance movement that dared to resist one of history's cruelest tyrants.

Running Time:
1 hr 42 min


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Movie Soundtrack (includes Final Song)

Experience the thrilling adventure and suspense of Return to the Hiding Place through its powerful original score! Each track will take you on the mission of love, sacrifice, intrigue, commitment and soul as you follow the soundscape of this heroic true story.


Poster +

Brighten your wall or window with the breathtaking images of Return to the Hiding Place. A perfect size and sense for any home or organization, let the color and expression of these images move people with the film you proudly supported! (You also receive a copy of the original soundtrack.)


TShirt +

Take a stand or just make a great impression with the official shirt of Return to the Hiding Place. Show your solidarity with the great resistance fighters' truth and support of the film that tells their story by wearing proudly, "As the will of the students goes, so goes the will of the nation!" (You also receive a movie poster and a copy of the original soundtrack.)


Book: Return to the Hiding Place +

Investigate the true tales throughout the film Return to the Hiding Place yourself with Hans Poley's first-hand account in his book of the same name: Return to the Hiding Place. By keeping a journal throughout the dangers and heartbreak of war, Hans gathered the true stories of his work and his friends that result in this book and, ultimately, our film! (You also receive a t-shirt, poster, and copy of the original soundtrack.)


DVD of the Movie +

Take home your copy of Return to the Hiding Place as soon as it's released on DVD! Immerse yourself in this extraordinary film at every opportunity in your own home and have it available to share for an inspiring movie night with friends! It's a must-have for your movie library! (You also receive the book, a t-shirt, a poster, and a copy of the original soundtrack.)


Autographed Poster +

Get the original signatures of significant artists who worked on Return to the Hiding Place scrawled across the stunning images from the film! A personal thank you in the form of great names that contributed to this great film is a perfect adornment to show how you supported this film and its legacy! (You also receive a copy of the DVD upon release, the book, two t-shirts, and a copy of the original soundtrack.)


Matted Autographed Scene from Script +

Capture the powerful language of Return to the Hiding Place with a signed scene from the original screenplay, beautifully matted and framed and ready for your wall! A great inspiration through riveting dialogue and a moving conversation piece for any home or public display. Stunning wall addition! (You also receive an autographed poster, a copy of the DVD upon release, the book, two t-shirts, and a copy of the original soundtrack).


Framed High-Res Prints of Historical Hiding Place Photos +

Immerse yourself in the candid smiles and determination of the actual heroes from Return to the Hiding Place in these striking black and white historical photographs. Framed and matted beautifully for your display, share the faces of real men and women who are part of our moving legacy of bravery and justice! (You also receive a matted autographed scene from the script, an autographed poster, a copy of the DVD upon its release, the book, two t-shirts, and a copy of the original soundtrack.)


Trip for 2 to Haarlam, Netherlands + 2 tickets to the ten Boom Museum

The ultimate prize! Airfare and hotel included for 2 on a trip to Haarlem, Netherlands, the stunning original European town where the real events of the film took place. Walk the cobblestone streets that Corrie bravely walked and see the beautiful, flourishing, world-renowned Haarlem up close. Two tickets to the Ten Boom Museum are also yours to see the actual hiding place where 860 Jews and resistance fighters found sanctuary during Nazi raids and see in person the watch shop where Corrie and her teenage army sought refuge as featured in Return to the Hiding Place!

“As you know by now, I am a huge lover movies. But, I have to say, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a new ‘Christian’ movie that really impressed me. So I am pleased to announce I have found a truly incredible film: Return to the Hiding Place.”
— Inside Out Culture and News
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“The Park City screening of "Return to the Hiding Place," hosted by the Bel-Air Film Festival and A2E, sold out its screening with over 600 people turned away due to being at capacity, this Sat. Jan. 18, 2014 to an audience of its peers during the Sundance Film Festival.”
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