Alone Yet Not Alone

  • 6/13/2014

    Wide Release Date

  • 13,434

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Alone Yet Not Alone tells the inspiring true story of Barbara and Regina Leininger and their journey of faith and survival during the French & Indian war in 1755. Captured by the Delaware Indians in a raid on their home and transported over 300 miles of wilderness to Ohio, the sisters are sustained only by their abiding trust in God, and their hope of escape against all odds to be reunited with their family.

"This inspirational true story is sure to get to your heart and elevate your spirit. Don't miss it - go see this movie!"
- Dr. James and Shirley Dobson

Running Time:
1 hr 43 min

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Dr. James Dobson, Founder and President of Family Talk

Dr. Michael Farris, Founder and Chancellor of Patrick Henry College and founder of the Home School Legal Defense Association

Tim Wildmon, President, American Family Association

Shirley Dobson, Chairman, National Day of Prayer

Rick Santorum, U.S. Senator

Penny Nance, CEO and President, Concerned Women for America

Nina May, Conservative Columnist and Political Commentator

Joni Eareckson Tada, CEO and Founder, Joni and Friends

JoLayne Elliot

Kevin Freeman

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